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 Time heals the wounds no one can see...

While on the subject of time, I want to note that I created my first web page twenty years ago... more from my October 2015 site re-launch

Vote for nobody.

 To save time and get it out of the way, I'll give my post-election reaction now since it will be the same whether Clinton or Trump wins:

 May God help us all.

9 October 2016

 At first, I didn't understand what could possibly be frightening about clown sightings, but this chilling photo of two creepy clowns together really sent a chill up my spine just in time for Halloween. Yikes!

15 October 2016

 My email address will change before the end of October.

22 October 2016

Dottie T. Batten

29 August 1947 - 6 October 2014

 ...ageless and timeless, your spirit is free...

End Alzheimer's Disease

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