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 Time heals the wounds no one can see...

While on the subject of time, I want to note that I created my first web page twenty years ago... more from October 2015

 The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they called Gitche Gumee...

Forty years ago today, twenty-nine men lost their lives on Lake Superior. A month later, Gordon Lightfoot immortalized the story of the tragedy when he recorded a classic song.

10 November 2015

After an atrocity like the recent attacks in France, one knee-jerk reaction by many people is to call for more surveillance, with the obligatory claim that they have "nothing to hide." This always makes me wonder if these people manage to avoid having curtains or blinds on their windows and whether they wear clothing just to avoid running afoul of laws that prohibit going around without wearing any.

Everyone values privacy to some extent. Giving it up won't keep you safe. Privacy is not the enemy of security; it's a form of security. On that note, and as a symbol of defiance toward those* who go out of their way to vilify encryption, I'm pleased to publish my newly-minted OpenPGP key. Actually, this is long overdue. I recommend using the Enigmail add-on for Thunderbird/Icedove/SeaMonkey to set up your own key-pair if you're not comfortable with the command line. The commands below will also display my name, email address and subkeys. For the sake of brevity and to deter spam, I haven't included those in the output below.

$gpg --import public_key_0xC6016BF16ADC9476.asc

$gpg --fingerprint 0x6ADC9476
pub   4096R/6ADC9476 2015-11-19 [expires: 2016-03-31]
      Key fingerprint = 87F0 E215 939A 7D65 B88F  20BC C601 6BF1 6ADC 9476

$gpg --fingerprint --keyid-format 0xlong 0xC6016BF16ADC9476
pub   4096R/0xC6016BF16ADC9476 2015-11-19 [expires: 2016-03-31]
      Key fingerprint = 87F0 E215 939A 7D65 B88F  20BC C601 6BF1 6ADC 9476

*some senators and other assorted odious people come to mind

19 November 2015

The other day Dianne Feinstein called encryption the Internet's "Achilles' heel." Today I activated TLS encryption for this site. I had been planning to do this eventually, but defying authoritarianism feels especially good today.

TLS encryption

Remember not to ask for that high-falutin' privacy stuff when you'uns is on the Internets, or the terr'sts win.

23 November 2015

Dottie T. Batten

29 August 1947 - 6 October 2014

 ...ageless and timeless, your spirit is free...

My dad Robert (her husband of forty-four years) and I wrote Mom's obituary. Mom, we miss you so much.

Memory Wall courtesy of Leavitt Funeral Home. I offer my sincerest thanks to all who posted and/or lit candles.

End Alzheimer's Disease

Charles Litaker

7 July 1947 - 25 March 2015

A credit to his community, he was the long-serving Minister of Music for First United Methodist Church in Wadesboro and, his poor health notwithstanding, organist at Mom's funeral. Thank you, Mr. Litaker for blessing my family with your friendship and music, both of which continue to inspire.

Chris Squire

4 March 1948 - 27 June 2015

pre-concert tribute 23 August 2015

Another person lost too soon at age sixty-seven, the bassist extraordinaire was my favorite member of my favorite band, Yes. Thank you for all the years of great songs, performances and showmanship, Chris. You are missed.

Yes logo with The Fish

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